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Baroque Luca EarringsBaroque Luca Earrings
Baroque Luca Earrings Sale price$ 350.00
Small Baroque Luca EarringsSmall Baroque Luca Earrings
Small Baroque Luca Earrings Sale price$ 290.00
Classic Chain NecklaceClassic Chain Necklace
Classic Chain Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 450.00
Classic Chain BraceletClassic Chain Bracelet
Classic Chain Bracelet Sale price$ 340.00
Cara Domed Ring SetCara Domed Ring Set
Cara Domed Ring Set Sale price$ 410.00
Small Bubble HoopsSmall Bubble Hoops
Small Bubble Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 240.00
Sandra EarringsSandra Earrings
Sandra Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 350.00
Gertrude PendantGertrude Pendant
Gertrude Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 270.00
Bodmer PendantBodmer Pendant
Bodmer Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 290.00
Gertrude BroochGertrude Brooch
Gertrude Brooch Sale priceFrom $ 380.00
Simone BroochSimone Brooch
Simone Brooch Sale priceFrom $ 330.00
Small + Mini Dahlia Hoop SetSmall + Mini Dahlia Hoop Set
Small + Mini Dahlia Hoop Set Sale priceFrom $ 205.00
Short Ellsworth EarringsShort Ellsworth Earrings
Short Ellsworth Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 320.00
Sum of Parts Cuff LinksSum of Parts Cuff Links
Sum of Parts Cuff Links Sale priceFrom $ 250.00
Sum of Parts Mini Brooch Set (Set of Two)Sum of Parts Mini Brooch Set (Set of Two)
Sum of Parts Tie Tack Set (Set of Two)Sum of Parts Tie Tack Set (Set of Two)
Alyce EarringsAlyce Earrings
Alyce Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 380.00
Catherine EarringsCatherine Earrings
Catherine Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 330.00
Elvira BroochElvira Brooch
Elvira Brooch Sale priceFrom $ 240.00
Elvira EarringsElvira Earrings
Elvira Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 430.00
Sienna RingSienna Ring
Sienna Ring Sale price$ 290.00
Synergy RingSynergy Ring
Synergy Ring Sale price$ 350.00
Sherri EarringsSherri Earrings
Sherri Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 400.00
Daphne HoopsDaphne Hoops
Daphne Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 360.00
Large Modernist HoopsLarge Modernist Hoops
Large Modernist Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 320.00
Isabel EarringsIsabel Earrings
Isabel Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 370.00
Double Chain Audrey PendantDouble Chain Audrey Pendant
Double Chain Audrey Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 390.00
Josephine EarringsJosephine Earrings
Josephine Earrings Sale price$ 490.00
Medium Triple Ridge HoopsMedium Triple Ridge Hoops
Medium Triple Ridge Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 270.00
Lena PendantLena Pendant
Lena Pendant Sale price$ 350.00
Calla PendantCalla Pendant
Calla Pendant Sale price$ 390.00
Ellsworth EarringsEllsworth Earrings
Ellsworth Earrings Sale price$ 460.00
Medium Modernist HoopsMedium Modernist Hoops
Medium Modernist Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 260.00
Double Chain Cora PendantDouble Chain Cora Pendant
Double Chain Cora Pendant Sale price$ 340.00
Baroque Coral PendantBaroque Coral Pendant
Baroque Coral Pendant Sale price$ 410.00
Large Double Ridge HoopsLarge Double Ridge Hoops
Large Double Ridge Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 340.00
Short Patrice EarringsShort Patrice Earrings
Short Patrice Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 330.00
Bianco Light & Space for AGMES VesselsBianco Light & Space for AGMES Vessels
Esther NecklaceEsther Necklace
Esther Necklace Sale price$ 370.00
Medium Calla EarringsMedium Calla Earrings
Medium Calla Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 390.00
Gabriela BangleGabriela Bangle
Gabriela Bangle Sale priceFrom $ 490.00
Coral EarringsCoral Earrings
Coral Earrings Sale price$ 370.00
Coral PendantCoral Pendant
Coral Pendant Sale price$ 290.00
Jouve RingJouve Ring
Jouve Ring Sale price$ 320.00
Astrid RingsAstrid Rings
Astrid Rings Sale priceFrom $ 120.00
Mini Calla PendantMini Calla Pendant
Mini Calla Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 230.00
Patrice EarringsPatrice Earrings
Patrice Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 490.00
Small Dahlia HoopsSmall Dahlia Hoops
Small Dahlia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 215.00