Print Your Own

Step 1: Verify That You Are Printing This Guide at the Correct Size

a. Before you print this page to use it as a size guide, make sure that the option for scaling in your Print Options Box is set to "none" or "no page scaling."

b. After you print this page, use a ruler to measure the dotted line and the end to verify that your ruler measurement and the printed measurement are the same.

c. If the measurement is off, double-check that you are printing this guide at full size on your printer, make any corrections, and repeat until correct.

Step 2: cut a slit on the dotted line

a. Use scissors to cut a slit along the dotted line. Slide the end through the slit and tighten to wrap around your finger with the numbers facing outwards.

b. The numbers on the strip should be exact measurements to the chart above.

c. If the ring falls between two sizes, order the next size up.

Step 3: Choose the Correct Size on our Web Page and Place Your Order

Use the drop-down ring sizing feature on the item description page to select the correct ring size. The ring size you selected will then be indicated when you view your selection in your Cart before completing your order.

*If you don’t have a printer, use a strip of paper to wrap around your finger, mark with a pencil or pen, and measure with a ruler to get your ring size.

Ring Sizer Print PDF

Ring Size to Millimeter (circumference)

  • Size 1 39.1mm
  • Size 1.5 40.2mm
  • Size 2 41.5mm
  • Size 2.5 42.7mm
  • Size 3 44mm
  • Size 3.5 45.2mm
  • Size 4 46.5mm
  • Size 4.5 47.8mm
  • Size 5 49.0mm
  • Size 5.5 50.2mm
  • Size 6 51.5mm
  • Size 6.5 52.8mm
  • Size 7 54.0mm
  • Size 7.5 55.3mm
  • Size 8 56.6mm
  • Size 8.5 57.8mm
  • Size 9 59.1mm
  • Size 9.5 60.3mm
  • Size 10 61.6mm
  • Size 10.5 62.8mm
  • Size 11 64.1mm
  • Size 11.5 66.0mm
  • Size 12 67.3mm
Ring Sizes

*PRINT THESE SIZES and our ring sizer in the pdf provided

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