Each AGMES piece is designed to defy trends and handmade to last for generations. From sourcing and sampling to production and shipping, our processes are purposeful, rooted in the knowledge that less—less waste, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less mindless consumption
—is always more.

Recycled materials. Sustainability starts with responsible sourcing. Almost all of the metals used in our jewelry, accessories, and objects are recycled.

Timeless design. Longevity is the best form of sustainability. We combine sculptural forms with thoughtful construction to create original yet easy to wear pieces that you will reach for year after year and pass down to the next generation.

Local production. We support our community and minimize our carbon footprint by working exclusively with fellow New York City businesses on all prototyping, production, and packaging.

Artisan craftsmanship. We work in collaboration with a local team of jewelers who shares our commitment to sustainability and quality. These highly skilled artisans craft each piece by hand, to exacting standards.

A zero-waste approach. Committed to reducing waste in all our processes, we strive to ensure that any scrap metal generated in the development and making of our pieces is returned to our suppliers for reuse.