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Small Vera EarringsSmall Vera Earrings
Small Vera Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 280.00
Isabel EarringsIsabel Earrings
Isabel Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 370.00
Bubble HoopsBubble Hoops
Bubble Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 370.00
Small Bubble HoopsSmall Bubble Hoops
Small Bubble Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 240.00
Mini Laila HoopsMini Laila Hoops
Mini Laila Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 230.00
Small Celia HoopsSmall Celia Hoops
Small Celia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 230.00
Medium Celia HoopsMedium Celia Hoops
Medium Celia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 330.00
Large Celia HoopsLarge Celia Hoops
Large Celia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 390.00
Mini Dahlia HuggiesMini Dahlia Huggies
Mini Dahlia Huggies Sale priceFrom $ 170.00
Small Dahlia HoopsSmall Dahlia Hoops
Small Dahlia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 215.00
Small + Mini Dahlia Hoop SetSmall + Mini Dahlia Hoop Set
Small + Mini Dahlia Hoop Set Sale priceFrom $ 205.00
Mini Astrid HoopsMini Astrid Hoops
Mini Astrid Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 190.00
Ellipses HoopsEllipses Hoops
Ellipses Hoops Sale price$ 340.00
Laila HoopsLaila Hoops
Laila Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 360.00
Daphne HoopsDaphne Hoops
Daphne Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 360.00
Large Double Ridge HoopsLarge Double Ridge Hoops
Large Double Ridge Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 340.00
Sonia EarringsSonia Earrings
Sonia Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 450.00
Giulia HoopsGiulia Hoops
Giulia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 250.00
Small Modernist HoopsSmall Modernist Hoops
Small Modernist Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 190.00
Medium Modernist HoopsMedium Modernist Hoops
Medium Modernist Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 260.00
Large Modernist HoopsLarge Modernist Hoops
Large Modernist Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 320.00
Josephine EarringsJosephine Earrings
Josephine Earrings Sale price$ 490.00
Sonia Earrings with StonesSonia Earrings with Stones
Sonia Earrings with Stones Sale price$ 450.00
Sonia EmbellishmentsSonia Embellishments
Sonia Embellishments Sale priceFrom $ 150.00
Mini Triple Ridge HoopsMini Triple Ridge Hoops
Mini Triple Ridge Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 190.00
Mini Isa EarringsMini Isa Earrings
Mini Isa Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 190.00
Medium Triple Ridge HoopsMedium Triple Ridge Hoops
Medium Triple Ridge Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 270.00
Vera EarringsVera Earrings
Vera Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 370.00
Sonia Hinged HoopsSonia Hinged Hoops
Sonia Hinged Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 300.00
Baroque Josephine EarringsBaroque Josephine Earrings
Baroque Josephine Earrings Sale price$ 480.00
Juliette EarringsJuliette Earrings
Juliette Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 280.00
Lola HoopsLola Hoops
Lola Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 325.00
Logan HoopsLogan Hoops
Logan Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 450.00