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Mini Dahlia HuggiesMini Dahlia Huggies
Mini Dahlia Huggies Sale priceFrom $ 170.00
Medium Astrid CuffMedium Astrid Cuff
Medium Astrid Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 390.00
Wishbone EarringsWishbone Earrings
Wishbone Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 270.00
Small Vera EarringsSmall Vera Earrings
Small Vera Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 280.00
Bubble HoopsBubble Hoops
Bubble Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 370.00
Small Baroque Luca EarringsSmall Baroque Luca Earrings
Small Baroque Luca Earrings Sale price$ 290.00
Small Sculpted Heart PendantSmall Sculpted Heart Pendant
Small Sculpted Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 250.00
Mini Sculpted Heart StudsMini Sculpted Heart Studs
Mini Sculpted Heart Studs Sale priceFrom $ 75.00
Baroque Patrice EarringsBaroque Patrice Earrings
Baroque Patrice Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 450.00
Sculpted Heart DishSculpted Heart Dish
Sculpted Heart Dish Sale priceFrom $ 450.00
Mini Simone StudsMini Simone Studs
Mini Simone Studs Sale priceFrom $ 150.00
Sculpted Heart PendantSculpted Heart Pendant
Sculpted Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 350.00
Small Bubble HoopsSmall Bubble Hoops
Small Bubble Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 240.00
Elvira BroochElvira Brooch
Elvira Brooch Sale priceFrom $ 240.00
Small Gia StudsSmall Gia Studs
Small Gia Studs Sale priceFrom $ 160.00
Altun KeychainAltun Keychain
Altun Keychain Sale priceFrom $ 350.00
Small Astrid CuffSmall Astrid Cuff
Small Astrid Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 250.00
Thin Tilda NecklaceThin Tilda Necklace
Thin Tilda Necklace Sale price$ 930.00
Pearl StudsPearl Studs
Pearl Studs Sale price$ 150.00
Large Astrid CuffLarge Astrid Cuff
Large Astrid Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 560.00
Donut EarringsDonut Earrings
Donut Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 375.00
Luca EarringsLuca Earrings
Luca Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 280.00
Bud VaseBud Vase
Bud Vase Sale price$ 350.00
Small Dahlia HoopsSmall Dahlia Hoops
Small Dahlia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 215.00
Gabriela BroochGabriela Brooch
Gabriela Brooch Sale priceFrom $ 290.00
Mini Laila HoopsMini Laila Hoops
Mini Laila Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 230.00
Joy BroochJoy Brooch
Joy Brooch Sale priceFrom $ 320.00
Domed Ridge Ring SetDomed Ridge Ring Set
Domed Ridge Ring Set Sale price$ 340.00
Claudia CuffClaudia Cuff
Claudia Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 730.00
Ellipses HoopsEllipses Hoops
Ellipses Hoops Sale price$ 340.00
Wishbone PendantWishbone Pendant
Wishbone Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 230.00
Mini Dalí StudsMini Dalí Studs
Mini Dalí Studs Sale priceFrom $ 140.00
Bodmer EarringBodmer Earring
Bodmer Earring Sale priceFrom $ 410.00
Small Imogene EarringsSmall Imogene Earrings
Small Imogene Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 540.00
Large Wishbone PendantLarge Wishbone Pendant
Large Wishbone Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 320.00
Imogene EarringsImogene Earrings
Imogene Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 640.00
Bubble StudsBubble Studs
Bubble Studs Sale priceFrom $ 150.00
Thin Tilda BraceletThin Tilda Bracelet
Thin Tilda Bracelet Sale price$ 500.00
Baroque Bodmer EarringsBaroque Bodmer Earrings
Baroque Bodmer Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 460.00
Sum of Parts KeychainSum of Parts Keychain
Sum of Parts Keychain Sale priceFrom $ 330.00
Jean CuffJean Cuff
Jean Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 680.00
Astrid Cuff SetAstrid Cuff Set
Astrid Cuff Set Sale priceFrom $ 630.00
Beatriz CuffBeatriz Cuff
Beatriz Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 730.00
Baroque Luca EarringsBaroque Luca Earrings
Baroque Luca Earrings Sale price$ 350.00
Francesca EarringsFrancesca Earrings
Francesca Earrings Sale price$ 380.00
Gertrude PendantGertrude Pendant
Gertrude Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 270.00
Turner RingTurner Ring
Turner Ring Sale price$ 370.00
Large Celia HoopsLarge Celia Hoops
Large Celia Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 390.00