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Altun NecklaceAltun Necklace
Altun Necklace Sale price$ 2,010.00
Jean CuffJean Cuff
Jean Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 680.00
Baroque Bodmer EarringsBaroque Bodmer Earrings
Baroque Bodmer Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 460.00
Conie NecklaceConie Necklace
Conie Necklace Sale price$ 1,300.00
Charlotte CuffCharlotte Cuff
Charlotte Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 730.00
Flora EarringsFlora Earrings
Flora Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 630.00
Large Astrid CuffLarge Astrid Cuff
Large Astrid Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 560.00
Large Sandra EarringsLarge Sandra Earrings
Large Sandra Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 445.00
Leona Cuff + Large Astrid Cuff SetLeona Cuff + Large Astrid Cuff Set
Leona Cuff + Large Astrid Cuff Set Sale priceFrom $ 1,240.00
Imogene EarringsImogene Earrings
Imogene Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 640.00
Leona CuffLeona Cuff
Leona Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 690.00
Thin Domed RingThin Domed Ring
Thin Domed Ring Sale priceFrom $ 150.00
Georgia CuffGeorgia Cuff
Georgia Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 450.00
Bodmer EarringBodmer Earring
Bodmer Earring Sale priceFrom $ 410.00
Sonia EarringsSonia Earrings
Sonia Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 450.00
Dion NecklaceDion Necklace
Dion Necklace Sale price$ 950.00
Jean Cuff + Large Astrid Cuff SetJean Cuff + Large Astrid Cuff Set
Jean Cuff + Large Astrid Cuff Set Sale priceFrom $ 1,230.00
Long Diane EarringsLong Diane Earrings
Long Diane Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 560.00
Thin Tilda NecklaceThin Tilda Necklace
Thin Tilda Necklace Sale price$ 930.00
Becky CuffBecky Cuff
Becky Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 780.00
Baroque Pearl BraceletBaroque Pearl Bracelet
Baroque Pearl Bracelet Sale price$ 750.00
Kait EarringsKait Earrings
Kait Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 460.00
Dion BraceletDion Bracelet
Dion Bracelet Sale price$ 580.00
Simone NecklaceSimone Necklace
Simone Necklace Sale price$ 1,450.00
Beatriz CuffBeatriz Cuff
Beatriz Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 730.00
Long Kait EarringsLong Kait Earrings
Long Kait Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 560.00
Elvira EarringsElvira Earrings
Elvira Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 430.00
Amelie NecklaceAmelie Necklace
Amelie Necklace Sale price$ 580.00
Tilda NecklaceTilda Necklace
Tilda Necklace Sale price$ 1,150.00
Tilda BraceletTilda Bracelet
Tilda Bracelet Sale price$ 650.00
Conie BraceletConie Bracelet
Conie Bracelet Sale price$ 840.00
Long Flora EarringsLong Flora Earrings
Long Flora Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 830.00
Sum of Parts Pendant Set (Set of Two)Sum of Parts Pendant Set (Set of Two)
Sienna Ring SetSienna Ring Set
Sienna Ring Set Sale price$ 560.00
Sculpted Heart BoxSculpted Heart Box
Sculpted Heart Box Sale priceFrom $ 495.00
Flora NecklaceFlora Necklace
Flora Necklace Sale price$ 1,950.00
Sum of Parts KeychainSum of Parts Keychain
Sum of Parts Keychain Sale priceFrom $ 330.00
Claudia CuffClaudia Cuff
Claudia Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 730.00
Lara CuffLara Cuff
Lara Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 650.00
Betty PendantBetty Pendant
Betty Pendant Sale price$ 600.00
Sculpted Heart StudsSculpted Heart Studs
Sculpted Heart Studs Sale priceFrom $ 90.00
Ila NecklaceIla Necklace
Ila Necklace Sale price$ 1,400.00
Ila EarringsIla Earrings
Ila Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 450.00
Florence EarringsFlorence Earrings
Florence Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 1,020.00
Flora BraceletFlora Bracelet
Flora Bracelet Sale price$ 950.00
Altun BraceletAltun Bracelet
Altun Bracelet Sale price$ 720.00
Small Imogene EarringsSmall Imogene Earrings
Small Imogene Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 540.00
Small Sculpted Heart Pendant + Sculpted Heart Pendant